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Watsonville, CA 95062
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Security Systems


CCTV - Closed circuit TV security options

High Quality Security Systems, with High Definition Color Images

How is CCTV used?

Call us for the latest security systems and support



Learn more about the benefits of closed circuit TV.



Let us plan the strategic placement of closed circuit television for your home or business. The experts at Pajaro Valley Lock Shop are security pros who can assist you in finding the best solutions for your location. Call our team today!

  • Maintain perimeter security
  • Monitor traffic
  • Record human activity
  • A private option for security

We offer a range of services for residential and commercial locations.

We guarantee our performance!

  • Door enclosure installation
  • Remote control locks
  • Access control
  • Combination changing

We take pride in the long-standing reputation we have. Pajaro Valley Lock Shop has provided the highest quality customer service for over 41 years. Contact us today, and we can help connect you to the security solutions you need.


Call us today about CCTV 831-722-6540


Serving Watsonville Area since 1971 @ 1024 Freedom Blvd. Watsonville

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